Walking in your purpose

Written by: Tamika Williams

Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Owner of Wealthy-Concepts

What is my purpose in life? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I know I have asked myself this question a few times.  I would ponder and think about why am I here on this earth. Something within me would always say there has to be more to life than this. But what is it? Every thought I came up with lead to a dead end. I would pray and ask God repeatedly what is the real reason that I am here.  Once He revealed my purpose then I wanted to know the next million-dollar question.  What does it mean to walk in your purpose?  As time progressed I learned that I wasn’t the only one who was searching to find their purpose in life.  I read a few books and they all said the same thing.  Our overall purpose is to praise and glorify God. However, I knew there was a unique and detailed purpose that only I could fulfill.  Miraculously as I continued to seek God for direction I gained a new knowledge of understanding. My perception of life became clearer as my mindset started to expand. Below are just a few principles that I live by that has enabled me to continue to walk confidently in my purpose as I matriculate to my final destination.

Be the best you. Before I could figure out my purpose I had to first uncover my passion by answering a few questions such as who am I.  Who or what do I want to be known for? What do I like or not like about myself. What are my gifts and am I using my gifts to help others.  Embrace the family, gifts, and life that God blessed you with.  Figure out how to become a blessing instead of always looking for one.

Be true to your calling. Stay true to what you are passionate about. Be who you were called to be. Be genuinely yourself. Allow others to see your transparency. Embrace your flaws. Don’t forget, there is only one of you. If you are busy trying to be someone else then who is busy being you. You are your first priority. Take great care of yourself so that you can walk healthy in your purpose. Do not compete with others; instead be happy for them. Your time of celebration will come. Continue to work on becoming a better person. Never give up on yourself.

Do not discount your pain. Your pain will eventually lead you to your purpose. I know that might sound like an oxymoron, but it is sometimes through pain that purpose is revealed. Do not be ashamed of your past. Learn how to turn your trials and tribulations into testimonies to help someone else who might be experiencing something similar. Your story is important. There is someone who is waiting to hear your story so they can move forward in their life. Take time to acknowledge your feelings and to understand why you are feeling a certain way.

Build and honor meaningful relationships. Surround yourself with individuals who display greatness. Eliminate toxic people from your life. Keep in mind there are negative people who have been assigned to distract you and cause your demise. Do not delay in removing negativity from your life. Be around people who love and support you. Show appreciation to those who help you.

Help others along the way. This is by the far one of the most important principles. Be the example that others will want to follow. Always extend a helping hand to those in need. There are people who need what you have. Be liberal with your giving. I strongly believe that you will reap what you sow. The more you give; the more you will receive.

Every person on this earth has the power of choice. Make sure to make the right choices in every area of your life. The right choices are the ones that line up with your beliefs and won’t compromise your integrity.  Remember be the best version of you because everyone else is taken.