About Dr. Vernet

Dr. Vernet A. Joseph is America’s #1 Potential, Passion & Productivity Speaker, Strategist & Consultant. An award winning serial entrepreneur, and bestselling author of 5 books, Dr. Vernet is also a Veteran Transition Expert. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC, Founder of Productive Business Network, President of Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine, Life/Relationship Coach, and Radio Host of “Productivity 360 with Dr. V,” and Co-host of “Relationships 3D.”

An international thought leader, international speaker, Dr. Vernet retired from the U.S. Army as a CW4 after 20 years of highly decorated/combat service. In the past decade, Dr. Vernet has trained millions of people in over over 50 countries on 6 different continents.

One of the most requested Business Strategists, Dr. Vernet helps entrepreneurs and business owners maximize their productivity. His national recognition includes: one of the top 40 Productivity Experts to follow on Twitter, Executive Professional of the Year, HERO of Women’s Entrepreneurs of America,  Black Wall Street Phoenix Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year, and was recently named as a National Statesmen, as well as awarded the National Statesmen Degree on Capitol Hill by iChange Nations™.

A devoted husband to his wife, Dr. Lynette Joseph for over 19 years, he’s also a dedicated father to his beautiful daughters Dominique and Renee. As a son of immigrants from Haiti, considered as one of the poorest countries in the world; Dr. Vernet quickly learned the value of productivity and empowerment. After losing his mother to sickle cell anemia in 1994, he vowed to help others reach their maximum potential. Losing his mother at such an early age made him truly refocus on what is really valuable and important in life. He attributes his tireless work ethic and service to humanity from watching his father act as an Ambassador to Haiti. Together the Joseph men have served a combined 120 + years of military service to date. It’s not a surprise that Dr. Vernet is a leader who trains other leaders how to produce and serve. Dr. Vernet is a Honorary HERO Spokesperson for the Women Entrepreneurs of America Inc., Demonstrated Master Logistician by the International Society of Logistics Engineers, Logistics Transformation and Change Management and the Army Logistics University Sponsored by Pennsylvania State University to name a few. Dr. Vernet holds 7 degrees in multiple concentrations.

Live To Produce, LLC is a veteran-owned, global thought provoking consulting company, committed to building individuals, organizations and corporations to produce productive citizens. The focal point is to help increase their bottom line, transform their performance and productivity for maximum results. Dr. Vernet founded, Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC based on his living in full expectation (L.I.F.E.) philosophy. “He has based the company on four core elements: legacy, influence, focus and execution.” Dr. Vernet is a student of productive living and it shows. His global reach proves his influence on others. A simple philosophy,” Live In Full Expectation, through Legacy, Influence, Focus & Execution.” His mission is to help individuals, organizations and companies groom productive citizens for peak performance. His passion for development, expansion, and productivity is why he is dedicated to helping others through books, seminars, and countless other avenues. Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC is a company that is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s productive citizens for life.