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Dr. Vernet is a Genius on Productivity “I have had the pleasure to share the stage and work with Dr. Vernet over the course of several years. He is a top rate professional that gets the job done.

Whether it is speaking or consulting, he is a leader in the industry.”

Dr. Will Moreland

America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer, Will Moreland International

The Productive Business Summit showed me how social media can be influential for my business as an entrepreneur or an individual aspiring to become self-employed. The summit provided me with tools to bring my ideas to fruition in multiple categories of business adventures. Dr. Vernet had a great panel of experts for reference. Tap into the resources provided and be ready for upcoming life changes. Thank you Dr.V for continuing to educate us on how to succeed as you lead with collaboration.   #ProductiveBusinessSummit. “

Carolyn Fisher

BOSS Appraisal Service, LLC

In an era where long-held international alliances and treaties are being threatened, this event focused on the value of collaboration and ways of executing its power. The Law of attraction is the ability to attract into one’s life whatever is focused on, regardless of age, nationality or religious belief. The Productive Business Summit & Golden Rule Global Awards sought to plant the seed of the Golden Rule which is – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” in the hearts of all of its attendees. When we make good business practices that are rooted in principles & values of trust, honor, integrity, and human dignity we will fulfill the mandate in which IChangeNations stands for, which is bringing back “the lost art of honor.” The Productive Business Summit & Golden Rule Global Awards are committed to establishing cultures of honor all around the globe one step at a time. “

Denise Meridith

Founder of World's Best Connectors, Denise Meridith Consultants International

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