Tasha “TC” Cooper is the president of UpwardAction® Media, a digital marketing consultancy and founder of #FaithFocusFlow™ Leaders, a movement for faith-based business and corporate leaders.  She has also been a corporate attorney for nearly two decades.

Character and productivity are essential to influential businesses that do good while generating sustainable revenue and people who lead high-impact, fulfilling lives.

Both character and productivity are necessary for lasting success. One without the other creates a gap. This gap makes it impossible for an individual or corporation to build a legacy that adds value to the world and generates increasing, sustainable revenue for years to come.

Let’s talk about character.

Character for individuals and corporations is comprised of both what you think and what you do over an extended period of time.

Good character is essential for people and organizations that are focused on service and profitability.  Good character builds trust that leads to loyal clients, plentiful referrals for new business and trusted relationships with vendors and suppliers. Trusted relationships often result in exclusive discounts and offers that lower expenses.   The combination of these benefits creates positive momentum that boosts productivity.

Here’s an important fact about productivity: Without character, productivity is not sustainable.  Challenges and obstacles that come with the territory of having success will lead an individual or corporation without a strong moral foundation (i.e., character) to take unethical shortcuts and make bad decisions that eventually lead to destruction.

Corporate Character

Your organization builds character through its corporate values.  As an executive or leader, you can make corporate values a tangible and real part of your company’s culture through intentional actions like:

  • Writing out core values in your company’s mission statement, bylaws, goals and objectives;
  • Placing visual reminders of your core values around your office and on your web properties;
  • Talking about core values at meetings with staff, vendors, suppliers and stakeholders; and
  • Demonstrating your company’s values through actions toward clients, customers, suppliers, staff, stakeholders and even competitors.


What your company says through statements and does through actions makes up its character.

Individual Character

As a leader, you build character through behavior and actions that are consistent with your core values irrespective of what is happening around you.   Character is formed and best exhibited in the extremities, extreme success and extreme difficulty.

The truth of your character shows up in the strength of your productivity.   Do you fight through challenges to accomplish goals?   Can you stay focused and avoid distractions when success is pouring down upon you?

The stronger your character, the more productive you’ll be.  

To be productive is to achieve a significant result or produce a significant amount.  Dr. Vernet A. Joseph from LiveToProduce.com calls productivity a “state of mind and a way of life.”  Dr. Joseph also says to be productive is to work even harder for the results you want even while in a season of great success.

To work consistently through success sounds like common sense, but is a stumbling block for many leaders.    An underlying, hidden fear of success can creep up just as you are starting to see results.  This reaction is often because of overwhelm, inadequate systems and a previously submerged lack of confidence that rears its ugly head just when things are going well.   These feelings can result in “self-sabotage.”   Mindset is key to defeating self-sabotage.

Productivity starts with mindset and ends with action.  

Programs like the FaithFocusFlow™ Leaders Institute that’s led by my company UpwardAction® Media and the Productive Business Network that’s led by Dr. Joseph are precious resources for leaders because they teach character-building strategies and productivity through universal business principles.

These programs have proven systems for teaching leaders a process for taking strategic action, while staying accountable to their core values and stakeholder expectations. The more comfortable leaders are with their method for making value-based decisions, the faster they make decisions, and the more productive they become.   This is true for leaders like you.

Productivity thrives within a structure that makes room for flexibility. 

Among other valuable lessons, Dr. Joseph’s Productive Business Network helps leaders build character and achieve significant results through 7 days of strategic action, which includes focus days like Service-Oriented Sundays and Follow-Through Fridays.  Systems like this provide a structure that helps leaders strengthens character through consistent and focused daily work that has space for creativity.

Productivity increases with clarity.

Programs like the #FaithFocusFlow™ Leaders Institute provide a virtual learning environment in which leaders learn advanced strategies for integrating values-based decision-making into the very fabric of their business.   The Institute also offers tools like our Business Planning Journals and SMART Goal Planners, which helps leaders stay organized and focused on priority actions for each quarter, month, week and day.  Increased clarity is a key step to increased productivity.

The Secret Connection between Character and Productivity Revealed …

Focused, strategic action is the secret connection between character and productivity.   Focused, strategic action starts with clarity and ends with increased impact, influence and income.


The more clear you are, the more focused you’ll become.

The more focused you become, the more confident you’ll be.


The more confident you are, the more positive your attitude.

The more positive your attitude, the more consistent your behavior.


The more consistent your behavior, the more significant your results.

The more significant your results, the more trusted you’ll become.


The more trusted you become, the more productive you’ll be. 

The more productive you are, the more significant your increase in impact, influence and income.


The process I just described leads to building a business and brand with character that creates impact in the world while increasing profits for its stakeholders.   I call this process a form of “conscious capitalism.”

Now that you know the secret and profitable connection between character and profitability, it’s your time to use it.


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