Principles and Values the main challenge in current organizations today! Living with principles and values is a challenge that we have on a daily basis. This is a theme has been discussed and shown in different cultures, religions, and philosophies throughout history. Just as there are challenges in living with principles and values on a personal level, there are also the same challenges in organizations (regardless of their size) or if their purpose is to generate profits or not.

No matter where we live, or where we work, time and time again we can see, through the local or international news, samples of misconduct, fraudulent administration, incompetence, and corruption. Sometimes it even seems that this is the norm and not the exception. We have seen corporations disappear or decline, governments stagger or entrepreneurs who cannot make their dreams or ideas flourish, as the results (harvests) of the Principles or Values that were planted were incorrect.

If there are philosophical bases, studies, university degrees, masters, etc. that show, how to develop businesses correctly? how to properly manage them? how to manage public organizations correctly? Then, it is worth asking, why there are so many failures or so many mistakes, that impact so many people negatively (hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of them).

There is a principle that talks about sowing and harvesting. In summary, it indicates the following:

“We reap what we sow” or in another way, we could say “we usually we reap what we sow.”

However, we can also say that ”due to factors out of our control, something unexpected was harvested from what was sown” (for example, this happens in agriculture, an unexpected factor can be drastic climatic changes).

If you agree with this principle, whenever we sow good things, we will almost always reap good things, BUT if we sow bad things, it will be impossible to obtain good things.

In business, this applies exactly in the same way.

Managing Director & Founder

Renan is an Information Systems Engineer (Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Engineering (Universidad de Las Americas, Mexico). He also completed postgraduate studies in Marketing (Kellogg Business School, Chicago, USA), and Business Strategy (Palladium Group, Boston, USA). Is an expert in the areas of strategy development and implementation, financial management and corporate performance management. Renan has 20 years of extensive international business experience between Fortune 5 companies and global/regional business development groups. Renan is a leader in the development and management of organizations, helping them to focus on improving their business model, sales growth, profitability, financial restructuring and strategic planning.