Welcome to this edition of the Productive Business Magazine Blog – The power of collaboration. It’s an honor and a pleasure to bring to you the best and the brightest from all around the world as we talk productivity in business. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a good friend of mine,  Dr. Jason Renville.

Dr. Jason Renville is, not only the prolific author of “Bring My Soul Out of Prison”- Revive, Renew and Renew the Mind, and Embracing Your Mark of Authenticity- A creed to Humanity but a sought-after empowerment facilitator: television host, a consultant, teacher and a life coach in the areas of personal development, individual excellence, leadership and human development. Dr. Renville is widely regarded in the ecclesiastical arena and the Human Development market as one of the most prolific facilitators in the fields of peak performance, personal and organizational building and success. His enthusiasm, sense of humor, and refreshing perspectives on “The Authentic You” have delighted and enlightened International and mainstream audiences in the United States and around the world.

Renville arrived in the US in 2002, in pursuit of continuing his professional studies, and with a few hundred dollars and a bag full of dreams from Guyana, South America. His accomplishments are a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit that so characterizes the fact that with a relentless focus and unwavering determination, one can accomplish the IMPOSSIBILE. You can follow Dr. Jason Renville at jrenville.com.

PBM:  Welcome Dr. Renville, how are you doing today?

Dr. Renville:  Dr.Vernet, Thank you for having me.

PBM:  Dr. Renville. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule. Now, as I always do, I like to make sure that the audience knows something, that the mainstream may not know about you. So, tell the audience, Dr. Renville a little bit about yourself.

Dr. Renville:  Ok, I know there is a lot in my bio, but the one thing that people may not know is that I am from Guyana, South America and I used to be a cook. So that is one thing to know about me that most people do not know. I used to be a cook and culinary chef before I transition into many different areas of professional studies.

PBM:  Wow, amazing! I’m so grateful that you shared this information Dr. Renville because what most people have problems with in their lives is how to reinvent themselves. Sometimes you can start out doing one thing, and end up doing something totally different; once you understand your purpose in life. So, tell us a little bit about how you went from culinary chef to where you are today?

Dr. Renville:  What people really have to understand is that your current position, does not ultimately define your condition, nor does your condition define ultimately define your position vice versa. I started off cooking because it was very difficult to get a job in my country, Guyana South America. Growing up in the country, it was common to help around the house. It was something that I was good at and ended up getting a job as a cook. I just knew that was not what I was really was called to do. So I started off cooking, then I ended up at the University of Guyana studying tourism in the field of hospitality management.  Even then, I still felt this void and cry! That was just a means to an end, but I never really let that define who I really was because I felt something. I felt the sense of purpose. I felt a sense of something beyond what I was doing. So I kept pushing and, when I finally immigrated to the states, now I want to highlight something. There was an opportunity that came up, and I believe that whatever you are doing is serving a purpose. It’s always serving a purpose if you will have a good attitude and understand why you are there. What people would say is have an attitude of gratitude! Now, there was a scholarship that came available, by a J1 Visa Bipartite Student Exchange Scholarship Program that afforded me the opportunity to come to the states. Now mind you, I had to have the exact qualifications of being a cook in some kind of culinary or hospitality field, in order to qualify for this scholarship and leave my country to come to the states. Once I got to the states, I knew that my perspectives were even broader and I would pursue what I was feeling which was a push into different places of defining moments which will give me that one defining moment.

PBM:  Dr. Renville, you know, you always have a purpose and we must understand that one of the greatest purposes on this earth is learning how to serve.  When you serve, things will open and doors will open up for you. As we look at the pursuit of Dr. Jason Renville, he leaves Guyana, South America and he comes to the states, seeking or pursuing professional studies. Now, I want you to understand everybody’s start is not the same, but as you heard Dr. Renville say, “your start doesn’t determine your finish.” As we take this journey through life please understand, you’re just beginning. So make no excuse and let nothing be an obstacle for you to succeed. Now you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and I’ve watched and studied you since we met.  Let’s talk about understanding why it’s so important to be relentlessly focused?

Dr. Renville:  Yes, absolutely! The Law of Focus is one of the most powerful laws that will deliver you into unparalleled levels of success. We are talking productivity and your magazine is all about the productive lifestyle.  If you’re not focused on what you’re called to do or the assignment, not even called to do, let’s backup. Focus is a pivotal, discipline for anything that you are doing in the now. You cannot drive a car and look back at the same time. You cannot wash a sink full of dishes with sharp knives and look away; you’ll be cut. You cannot try to tie your shoelaces and look the other way or do something else. So, focus is one of the main undercurrents that will produce productivity. When you’re focused, what happens is it becomes even better when you discover that something and you’re beginning to work on that something. Some people may not necessarily get stuff that thing as yet, but you’re now coming into something and you’re uncovering something that is closer to your purpose. Maybe you’re just putting one step in front of the other, but you have to do it. You have to be conscious and you have to be focused because when you’re focused, you now, begin to learn key things that will drive success. I’m saying, focus is the key law for productivity! Someone who is not focused, is easily distracted in a tossed to and fro by every opinion, wind, doctrine or ideologies and philosophies. You know, let’s just say I am leaving Charlotte to go to Florida, and my GPS gives me a specific route which is mapped out. I have to be focused and I will have to listen as I am leaving Charlotte to go to Florida. I’m not coming off the route, you know, taking a detour to South Carolina. I’m focused on what the guidelines are and the mappings are to get me to my destination. So I cannot stress enough, if you’re not a focused person, it starts with the little things that you do. It’s the discipline and the law of Focus. Could you imagine transitioning that into the assignment or purpose that you are called to do and what you can achieve? If you are not somebody who is focused, you’ll never be a productive person.

PBM:  That’s good Dr. Renville! That keyword FOCUS is important and it’s pivotal discipline!  Now, how important is it to be disciplined in life? How important is to keep focused on your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations, making sure that you will avoid the distractions and the detours that may arise?

Dr. Renville:  Absolutely sir! Yes, indeed. You know, we’re zeroing in on focus and then now we’re talking about discipline. Focus is a key element for productivity and equally as important is discipline. Discipline is the main undercurrent and it’s the roadmap for a desired result. If you want to achieve anything in life or you want to be productive,  discipline has to be one of the laws that you incorporate in your daily life. If you are not a disciplined person, you will not be productive, but you will be stuck in realms of dissatisfaction, mediocrity, I should’ve done and I could have done.  When you are a disciplined person, whatever it is you’re discipline at you will master it, you will come into something called mastery. People who are millionaires, people who are skilled at either writing, speaking, producing, teaching or whatever discipline you find yourself in. Now another word for discipline is mastery.  Whatever you are mastering at the time, let’s just say you are teaching or whatever it is, you have to have discipline. There has to be a routine. If you’re scheduled to be at work for 5:00 and I guarantee you that you need discipline. I used to work at a hotel in the banquet department and I would start work at 5:00 am as I was doing research and in college, Let me tell you, every single morning I had to be there for 5:00 am. You know, when my alarm went off at 4:00 am, I would be like, oh my goodness, what in the world and I turned over. But you know what? I had to exercise something called the law of discipline to be there every single day at 5:00 am to clock in and start the job.

So, discipline would get me up because 5:00 am is not the time that you necessarily want to get up. If you’re on a diet, you’re cutting sugars, you’re cutting whatever it is you’re doing, out for the diet. I was on a diet one time and you know what, I looked at things differently. I said no, instead of having juice, I’ll have water. Instead of picking all of the junk food, what I’m going to do is discipline myself to eat baby carrots and walnuts instead. You have to have discipline, even people in the realm of finances. You know there is a saying, “wealthy people don’t give you money, they give you an opportunity.” I one of the reasons why they don’t give you money is because they understand how vital discipline is to accumulate their wealth.

So, what they do, when people come with the sad story to try to get money from them. They listened for legitimacy and certain things, but what they understand and they are looking for is how disciplined you would be to utilize that opportunity. So they are testing you, to see if you’re disciplined.  They know full well, in order for them to become a millionaire or whatever status, they had to have been disciplined with their craft, skill, and or game which brought them into that status. So they’re not going to rob you of the process of development come into that level of discipline that you should come into the master and produce what you need to produce. So you know, this discipline is something that we cannot run away or get away from. Let me just use simple things, like driving every day, and we see the speed limit is 45 miles, sometimes you want to go over that and you know you could, but because you exercise discipline, you stay within the mile range.  Once you over exert yourself and you go above that, there are consequences. So, when we apply the law of discipline, we will be productive and come to the desired end. When we violate the law of discipline, whatever it is that we get, we will take.  Dr. Myles Munroe use to always say, “if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything,” and if you don’t stand to discipline yourself, whatever results come your way, whatever you apply, whatever spirit that is driving you, whether it’s mediocrity or whatever, when the fruit of that comes, you cannot complain as well.

PBM:  I want to talk about embracing your mark of authenticity. You have been able to amass a lot of things, but this specific thing I want you to go into depth about teaching the people that will read this article or listen to the radio show about embracing your mark of authenticity. We live in a world today that everyone wants to be a copy instead of a designer originally. I want you to talk about that.

Dr. Renville:  Yes, that project is really dear to my heart. Let me tell you how I journeyed to that place or space, as its two-fold or bi-dimensional. First, in my own personal quest in trying to discover what was that thing? What was this feeling? I always felt a sense of something, I just knew that something was there that had to tap into and manifest. That was one reason. The other thing is observing, literally by way of observation of people. A lot of people would sit down and you would hear people say stuff like, I wish I were Oprah Winfrey. I wish I were Maya Angelou, and they would wish their lives away.  For me, I’ve never really struggled with wishing my life away on that level to say, I wish was this or I wish I had her money etc.  The thing that I always wanted to know, was what is this thing that I am feeling and how do I unleash this thing? Most people don’t call it purpose or assignment, they say I’m feeling something beyond my now. I’m feeling this pull, knowledge, and uncomfortableness. I just know that there is more, people say stuff like that when they sit down and they want to be somebody else bad. So I started the pen, the journey from those two variables I started to put together by way of observation and my own personal quest. I started penning, and this is how the work was birth. I was just doing it by inspiration, observation, and all that stuff.  I really didn’t realize that it was going to take form like it has. The project has gone around in some circles. I’ve gone to a Howard University, I have done lectures and been on television. Actually, that was one of the books that got me my original interview and national television. I was able to talk about being authentic, who you are, and understanding the purpose for which you were created. When you understand that you’re manifesting the highest expression of what and who you are created to be without apology. Yet, within the context of healthy boundaries, where you able to serve humanity with that purpose.

PBM:  We’ve been discussing with Dr. Jason Renville, about embracing your mark of authenticity. You do not have to be a copycat, know that you have something great on the inside of you. Every one of us was given a measure of faith and grace which gives us the opportunity to walk it out, live it out so that other people can see that it is possible. Dr. Renville, there’s something that I always tell my audiences and that is you cannot seek what you do not see. Who are some of the people, that kind of motivated or inspired you to want to achieve more? I heard you mentioned the late great Dr. Myles Munroe and some others, but who were some of the people that we’re modeling life before you that caused you to awaken?

Dr. Renville:  If I were to be completely honest as we speak of authenticity, I would have to say I always sensed the spirit of God probing, pushing and nudging. I know it’s the spirit of God now, as you mature you notice the spirit of the Lord? But I would say, as you said the late, great Dr. Myles Monroe and there’s this woman called Cindy Trimm, I met her years ago, and she was teaching on purpose and difference things. So, it’s a collection of different people along life’s path that gives me the inspiration, but also the affirmation of what you were hearing. It’s not off, or you are not like psychotic or neurotic, you’re not weird or floating in thin air. What you’re actually experiencing and feeling is attainable. If you implement strategies and tactics, you will be able to achieve your goals.  So I would really, really, really, say those two people and some other people like my pastor Dr. Bill Winston.  They came in at a key point of my life that provide the inspiration, affirmation, and somewhat direction.

PBM:  That’s something that I am always telling people, Dr. Renville, everybody needs somebody. It’s so important to understand the mentor-mentee relationship because a lot of times people feel that they’ve reached a certain place and they can no longer be taught. I love the word life-long learner because we all must understand as long as we inhale and exhale, we have an opportunity to learn more. The one great thing that I love is today you can be the mentor and tomorrow you can be the mentee because no one has everything. I’m excited my friend, you know, I had the opportunity to meet you in person in January on Capitol Hill when you received one of the numerous honors that you have over your life. I want you to kind of walk the journey for us. You’ve been on radio, television both nationally and internationally syndicated. How does that feel to see now what you saw and believed in yourself becoming your reality? I want people to, hear that so that they can raise their authenticity.

Dr. Renville:   Awesome, I tell you what, I want to lay foundation quickly before I jump to that, based on what you just said. I want to echo the same sentiment. No one will make it without inspiration, affirmation, mentorship, and the help of somebody else. No one, you need people, you need somebody to speak a word, and I like what the late great Dr. Myles used to always say “remain a student of life.” You are constantly learning. We are learning, we are evolving and we are growing and the more you know, Dr. Maya Angelou’s quotes it in a poem, this a line that I take from her. She said, “when you yet knew, you knew nothing.”

PBM:  Wow

Dr. Renville:  We want to be able to remain in teachable mode. It doesn’t matter how many doctorates or masters you have, there is always someone that you are accountable to that can take you to another level and stretch you. Sometimes they’re able to refine. There’s this word being used in academics, well just across the board now. When people have plateaued from all that they know, is the same way, you can always be refined. There are people who are refinement specialist who would refine what you think you have mastered. They can always find something. So I just wanted to labor there for someone who is reading this, because no one has arrived or we’ll ever arrive. Even Warren Buffet has people that he listens to and that pours in and that advises him on stuff like that. With that attitude, this is now where I’m able to sit where I’m sitting. What I feel being on these platforms is what I envisioned and what I imagined. It’s now in real time and I am walking it out and experiencing it in real time and it feels fulfilling. I don’t want to use the word great. It feels good, but it’s fulfillment. I know unequivocally, that I am sitting in the seat of my authentic purpose. I am doing exactly what I have been created to do. I’ve been wired to do and it feels fulfilling because once you are doing, once you sit in the seat of your purpose, then you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to do. It increases the lives of others around you.

PBM:  Absolutely, one thing I want to also bring up Dr. Renville is this, you know, we understand and have gotten more enlightened in the terms of embracing your mark of authenticity and being your authentic you. Now, what I want to help the people to understand is that in business you have to have proper morals, values, and principles that will cause your business to last. With all that you are doing, I know you also operate your own business. Talk to us a little bit about how “Jason Renville international” and Goshen Safe Haven Community Development Center got started.

Dr. Renville:   Awesome man you just opened a can of worms. We may have to do a different interview a different time with that there. The late, great Dr. Myles Munroe used to always say this “your gifts and your skill are as safe as your character,” and I would add ethics and integrity. I don’t care what you’re doing, if you’re selling newspapers, kool-aid, lemonade, whatever you are doing. What I discovered is that Integrity has, with it a level of security that’s natural bodyguards cannot provide.  So, with that, Jason Renville international was started and founded on the principles of wanting to serve. Now when you serve, you find that you have a product with speaking, consulting, leadership development and those are skills that I’ve developed. But in order for you to be sustained, you have to have morals, you have to have principles, you have to stand for something, you have to be able to have ethics and character. Nobody wants to do business with a person who was nasty. The bible talks about the uneven scale and the unbalanced scale where you pay for a pound and they give you half a pound. Where people over promise and under deliver, not disciplined or meet deadlines and or where you don’t show up on time. These are things that literally sabotage the progressive development of your enterprise and what you have been called to do. So I’m really glad that you opened up the dialogue here on this topic because a lot of people that are very skilled can make a dollar, but how long could you sustain that? People have these ideas, but refuse to bring to the table integrity, character and good judgment to be able to sustain them in terms of longevity. The result in the long-term is people would want to do business with you, come back repeatedly, and book you for speaking. Skill is one thing and the gift is another, but you have to understand it.

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom will be able to give you that competitive edge and allow you to maneuver in and out of realms, whether you’re with politicians, economies, the governor’s, preachers, social scientist, or the corridors of academia. Wherever you are, there is a protocol and I am going to stress that. There are protocols, principles, and patterns of sustainability. If you’re going to be in business and you’re going to be productive, you have to learn protocols, principles, and the patterns for that business or whatever it is that you were skilled and endowed with to serve humanity across the board. Goshen Safe Haven is an empowerment community development center that my wife and I created. It’s really her brainchild and I am just helping and working with it. It’s really an empowerment! A place that educates, informs and transforms. The mission is to educate and enlighten. Many people have discovered that they are good people, but they just don’t have the know-how to do certain things. I’ve found out that I was a good, obedient and loyal person, but I just didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to do certain things. I found out if you’ll find teachable people and you show them the know-how, they can always grow to the next level of success. We want to be able to take everything like life experience, academic experiences, practical experiences or whatever they are and give back to people who now can use these skills and information that we’re giving them to potentially transform their lives.

PBM:  Dr. Renville has been sharing so many life nuggets immersed in this interview. I want to ask you a few things before we close out. I know you’ve been all around the world without question. You’ve done some dynamic things. Everything that we’ve been talking about, embracing your mark of authenticity, understanding the authentic you, making sure that you are disciplined and focused. If you’re looking to do good on this earth, make sure that you are TEACHABLE! That’s something that I think the world needs to understand. You don’t know everything and at some point, you have to sit down and listen. When you go, you will grow, you will advance and you will be able then to become a teacher. With that I’d like to ask this question, would you share with us some of your upcoming projects? Specifically, can you talk to us about, Kingdom unleashed?

Dr. Renville:  Yeah, definitely! Kingdom unleashed is a pretty new project. I have been hosting TBN Sala in the US and I have been to London to host and be interviewed as well. There is one interview that I did, that went extremely well and now they have come up with this concept, where I’m going to be actually doing Kingdom Unleashed with Jason Renville. It’s going to be aired out of London, but well be streaming all the way in Europe, Africa, and the entire UK. So we’re going to be covering the four countries in Africa, all of Europe and the entire UK. So that is definitely going to be multidimensional depending on what topic I’m doing that day. Depending on the tapping, topics could be on leadership, empowerment or various topics. I’m excited about that and it starts August. So that’s one of the major projects that I’m developing and working on right now.

PBM:  Congratulations on that my friend. Now, I also know that you are heavily involved in human rights, you are a human rights representative to the United Nations (UN). That is something that should be taken lightly.  Let’s touch on that briefly!

Dr. Renville:  Yes, human rights is all of our rights, whether it’s human trafficking or basic dignity human rights is all of our rights. I am a representative to the United Nations (UN) under the Human Rights Division and that allows me or affords me to be able to go and hear issues and have dialogue to really understand what’s going on across the world. There are almost 193 countries which are a part of the UN. So you’re able to hear varying issues across the board. Its really to afford people their basic rights, with dignity as a human being. That’s a very good project! I am also an Ambassador as well, so I operate in that capacity as a human rights representative to the United Nations, but under the economic and social council NGO. This affords me the opportunity to be able to go into the Chambers as well as social issues, the economic issues that we’ll be able to dialogue, to engage people, to be aware of what’s going on globally and to be in the global conversation. So those are a few exciting initiatives that I’m a part of.

PBM:  This is awesome. I want to make sure that people are getting this as you read how we started the interview. Dr. Renville is from Guyana, South America and you’re hearing the dimensions of things that he has been able to do because he’s embraced his authenticity. He is not trying to be a copycat! He’s only walking in, what he believes his purpose is, which is now causing him to be able to influence nations.  You have a few new initiatives coming out of Dr. Renville, let’s talk about the new leadership initiative.

Dr. Renville:  I have discovered the millennials, the people under 45 when I go into different places like social settings, leadership settings, a lot of people want a title and want positional leadership. We don’t necessarily understand, nor were we ever nurtured mentored, trained, or taught. You see the lack of decorum, you hear people that are in corridors of power,  you hear conversations and see things that are incongruent to being in that space. What I want to be able to do is open up the dialogue and bring conversation. If you want to be a leader and you want to be amongst politicians there is a decorum for that. If you want to be a leader that is among doctors and billionaires, there is a decorum, way, and protocol for all of that. There are things you must understand in order for longevity.

I want to touch on something that is called magnetism. When you go amongst these people or wherever it is you’ve been called to go relative to your authentic self. You must know, once you’re proficient and you’re efficient it produces productivity.  A lot of people are active, but they are not proactive. You can be active and not proactive! Hence your magazine, talking about productive business lifestyle. You don’t want to just be active, you want to be proactive and you want to be productive. Pro means movement, forward, upward, development and advancement. You want to be able to move in those dimensions and if you are, you must embrace your mark of authenticity.  That mark of authenticity produces a level of magnetism providing you are able to learn the mechanics, the art, and the science, that everything that comes with that specific mark. You will be noted and notice once you begin to move on that level and walk in the levels of consciousness, it comes with that mark.

PBM:  At the end of the day, we don’t want you to be active, we want you to be proactive. He mentioned movement, forward and advancement. Man, I know that we are in the right place because productivity as you all know, is what I love to do. That’s my sweet spot and I’m listening to Dr. Renville and we are speaking the same language. Now, Dr. Renville as we get ready to close, I know that you mentioned radio, television, both nationally and internationally. Talk to us about what it feels like to be on TBN Salsa Praise. Talk to us about the new dialogue that you are now bringing into the arena on Mental Wellness.

Dr. Renville:  Yes, indeed it feels awesome. I always knew that I was a facilitator to the space of upward mobility and productivity. Let’s use that word productive. I love the way you have coined that with a magazine. To sit amongst different people whether we are talking leadership, talking about the kingdom, women’s empowerment, finances, etc. I believe that me being on these platforms, I am able to facilitate a high impact kingdom dialogue. That’s the fulfillment, gratitude and the gratification that comes with that platform. Which is a platform that gives the message of hope and message of the kingdom where people could be empowered and transformed. Especially with the mental wellness dialogue, it’s something that I’ve always been passionate about. My wife is a therapist and I have clinical hours myself which is part of my doctoral research, but I’m not a therapist.  I am what would be referred to as a light counselor because of the number of clinical hours that I have, but my wife is a therapist. There is so much healing and wholeness that can come out of this.  Since we’ve talked to productivity.  There is a lot of things that we were born into, I know we’re closing up, but I want to share three points really quickly.

There are three major points of entry into our lives. You have inheritance where you are born into a bloodline, then you have socialization and adaptation. What happens is that everybody’s coming from somewhere with baggage and a story. Some people have not been able to reconcile with their past. They’re repressed and suppressed while piling issues on top of issues. The key is, you’re never really going to be able to ascend to the level of maximizing your potential if you do not get the tools to declutter an uncluttered.  I’m opening up my own life. I was having a bunch of issues myself and my wife had recommended a therapist.

I was like, why do we need to see a therapist when I’ve got me and even you with all of your stuff? Even with our expertise, I had to see a counselor.  What I am saying is, I was able to go into some of the issues that I never dealt with before. I was able to get help to a degree and be relieved which now makes me a more effective person. There’s a lot of people who are good leaders by leadership and skill, but emotionally they are off.  There are so many factors that can block their judgment from being great leaders. What we’re doing is opening up dialogue and saying listen, nothing is wrong. If you need some mental health tuning, maybe you need to just sit with someone or maybe not, but opening up dialogue so that people could be aware. Particularly in the body of Christ as this is tabooed in the church.  What we want to do is open up dialogue in the church and let people know that it’s ok to have this discussion. We have some of the best people like the head director which is a good friend of mine from Bishop T.D. Jakes’ church, The Potter’s House Natasha Stewart. She’s going to be on the panel. We have Dr. White who is a senior pastor from Florida. He’s going to be on the panel as well.  We also have a mental health counselor and she’s going to be there as well. So we have three people on the panel who are clinical therapist, who are all believers that are in church and will be able to give you the professional and prophetic approaches to dealing with mental wellness. So that’s the whole mental health revolution that we want to bring to the church and talk about it.

PBM:  What’s interesting to me Dr. Renville, is that it’s not only needed in the church but needed worldwide because mental health is something critical. Having been a military officer for years, I know that is something that all the military needs especially from traveling to multiple countries and seeing different things. Everyone needs mental health! It’s a shame, that in most communities’ people shun getting that type of help. So I’m excited about that dialog, opening it up and can’t wait to hear, participate, etc. People need to know that if you’re having issues, you can’t bottle it up because all you will do is cause yourself to implode.  I salute you, Dr. Renville for bringing this to the forefront, like many other human rights issues that we’re dealing with on a daily basis.

Dr. Renville:  That’s right and its ok for us to open up. You just nailed it, It’s a worldwide issue. It’s a global issue, this mental health piece is a global issue. In some communities, It’s more taboo, more under the rug and let’s not talk about that because he or she is crazy.  It’s a global issue and global phenomenon, so we’re opening up dialogue in the face of it being tabooed. Now we can get an understanding and we have professionals, people who are able to really give you the panacea and some principles for being a better person and live a more holistic life.

PBM:  Absolutely, again the time goes by so fast. I honestly can’t wait, to connect as I see so many interviews on a plethora of topics in the near future. Dr. Renville, if there was one thing that you’d like to leave with people, what would that be?

Dr. Renville:  When you have discovered who you are authentically, you have discovered the treasure of a lifetime that you’ve been looking for. Take the time, to discover who you are authentically and the mark of authenticity that you possess and you will be an unstoppable force in this lifetime.

PBM:  Thank you once again, Dr. Renville! If someone was trying to get in touch with you, to learn more about what you are doing, how would they do so? Do you have a website, social media,

Dr. Renville:  Yes, we are rebranding everything now, but you can find me on social media. You can google me and I will pop right up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  My website is www.jrenville.com.

PBM:  Thank you so much for being on Productive Business Magazine – The Power of Collaboration. It has truly been an honor to speak with my good friend Dr. Jason Renville, making a difference across the globe by being authentically who he is. I hope that you have picked up on the principal here, where building relationships and collaboration is the new currency. Make sure you share this article with others that you think may benefit while living out these principles. Thank you so much, my friend. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful things that you’re doing and we look forward to being a part of those things here in the future. Blessings, peace, love, and as always, make sure that you are being authentically you. You know what I always say, right here on Productive Business Magazine, be innovative, be productive, but most of all get out there and live to produce.