21 Days of Crown Life”

By: Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert

Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.



Are you READY to move forward with your personal and professional goals? Are you sincerely TIRED of the “same level” of results? If so, I want to personally invite you to join the FREE, “21 Days of CROWN LIFE” course; which is a 3-week journey towards winning habits, peak performance and success. Learn how the CROWN LIFE framework can empower you to get the results you’re looking for.  You don’t have to do this alone either; the course is completely free, so ask a friend to sign up with you! You can keep each other accountable throughout the 21-day journey, and celebrate each other’s achievements as well.
As long as you’re willing to share your journey on social media, you can sign up and get started TODAY! If you’re truly ready to make some practical changes in your life for the better; this course is what you’re looking for. Live your CROWN LIFE now; sign up HERE: http://www.crownlifeseminars.com/free-course.html
To learn more about CROWN LIFE, visit: www.crownlifeseminars.com


Thanks in advance for helping us reach our 2018 goal: 1,000 people.  I would like to support the Crown Life 2018 goal of having 1000 participants of this incredible course. I challenge anyone who reads this article to connect with your accountability group and experience this course as a team. Just 21 days can change the trajectory of your life & business. – Dr.  Vernet A. Joseph, Founder of Productive Business Magazine