Get In The C.A.R.”

By:  Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert

Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

     I’m pretty sure that you’re wondering what this article is really all about with a title such as, “Get in the C.A.R.  If you think of what “a car” does literally, it will help you understand only about 20% of what this means.  In order to grasp the full concept of this, I must break down the acrostic I created from the last three letters: (C.A.R.) specifically.  We know essentially that a car transports us from one place to another in an exponentially faster time than could be done on foot.  That’s just one aspect of why I want you to “get in the C.A.R.” of course; but allow me to explain the main focus of this Crown Life initiative in the lines to follow.

     The C.A.R. acrostic stands for “Creative Abundance Revolution.”  Each of those words have their own depth; but also collectively form the framework to help every person tap into the wealth that God has placed on the inside of them.  God, Our Creator, has also created us to be creative beings.  The problem is this:  Although we’ve been empowered to release our creativity on earth, many people are oblivious of the treasure of ingenuity within.  This is largely due to people accepting mediocrity and unfulfilling jobs; which ultimately sap their energy and potential for creative thought.  They settle for the mundane; when they have the capacity to create a future of vast opportunities for themselves.

     I challenge you to get CREATIVE.  Don’t sleep on your creativity. Remember that God has given all of us talents and gifts to serve the world.  Releasing your creative thought begins the process; and can birth an ABUNDANCE in our lives.  Your future is not coming to you; rather, it’s coming out of you!  We must embrace this truth if we want to manifest that abundance.  Tapping into ingenuity has birthed some of the world’s greatest inventions and innovation.  Think about it: you’re reading this article through a method that originated in someone’s mind! There are no limits to what can be produced if we will purpose our lives toward “dying empty.”

     The last word is REVOLUTION.  The reason for this selection is because you and I will have to intentionally go against the norms in our society in regards to mediocre living and average thinking. Most people are frustrated with their lives; but have no idea why or how to change it.  I present the “Get in the C.A.R.” framework as the revolutionary initiative for changing that reality.  I challenge you to become all you’re purposed to be; and to live your Crown Life by “getting off the bench” of life and into the C.A.R. for the long haul! Will you join me?  Will you get in the C.A.R. today?  The choice is yours! To learn more about Crown Life, visit: Marquez Hughley Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert Crown Life Enterprises, LLC. Email: