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Dr. Vernet has been one of the Top 40 Productivity Experts to follow on twitter since July 2012.  His thought-provoking insights influence, ignite and inspires many daily.

Son of immigrants from Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, Dr. Vernet quickly learned the value of productivity and empowerment. After losing his mother to Sickle Cell Anemia in 1994, he vowed to help others reach their maximum potential. "Losing my mother at such an early age made me truly refocus on what is really valuable and important in life," says Dr. Vernet.  He attributes his tireless work ethic and service to humanity from watching his father act as an Ambassador to Haiti.  Together the Joseph men have served a combined 100 + years of military service to date.

Dr. Vernet has been recognized as a leading executive, professional and entrepreneur by worldwide organizations, Honorary HERO Spokesperson for the Women Entrepreneurs of America Inc., Demonstrated Master Logistician by the International Society of Logistics Engineers, Logistics Transformation and Change Management and the Army Logistics University Sponsored by The Pennsylvania State University. He was recently named Black Wall Street Phoenix Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

Known as a global-thought leader, speaker, serial entrepreneur, author and retired Army combat veteran, Dr. Vernet helps individuals, organizations and corporations increase their bottom line, while transforming their performance and productivity for maximum results. Using his proven leadership tools, principles and practices that he has taught around the world to organizations and individuals who are experiencing phenomenal results.